Monday, 1 April 2013

A New Consciousness

A New Consciousness

This blog shares the fruits of Meditation. Inspiration flows from embracing the present moment- so recommended in the practice of Meditation. Unexpected moments of grace occur in and beyond the time of meditating. Hope and trust can be built by embracing the living moment- fear and isolation displaced in the communal embrace.

How do we see our responsibility for the wellbeing of our environment? Our earth community?
More and more we are understanding with our minds our interconnectedness with each other and the world around us - the visible causes and effects operating on global and individual levels along with the invisible net work of energy exchange of which we are a part. We learn of the interactions between individual wellbeing and environmental causes, and of effects of human actions on the wellbeing of the planet.

When we begin with meditation as ‘the way to reality”- the reality of our own being, it is the opening of a deeper way of knowing, “ listening with the ear of the heart”, experiencing our oneness with the ground of being.

As Fr. Laurence has said “ In meditation we create a spaciousness of mind to give us the ability to experience a different reality and an ability to see differently.”

What does the Earth need from us? We need the totality of our understanding to respond to this question - from the inner world of consciousness, spirit, as well as the outer physical world of the senses and the knowledge of the mind .

John Main ‘There is a deep and urgent need in the world today to recover the true experience of spirit”

In the West we have largely focused on human well being to the neglect of wellbeing of the earth. In our nature-dominating social and economic systems we have not only endangered the earth’s well being but our own – stress, depression, emptiness, anxiety and addictions being some of the symptoms of our dis-ease. Like cells in a larger body, we feel the trauma of the world.. our pain for the world and love for the world are one as we act to help transform the world in our individual callings. 

In these blogs we invite you to explore and share your understanding and experiences of how meditation can help transform our relation to the wellbeing of the earth…to help create, and live from a new consciousness.
Janet O'Sullivan